Giuseppe Chiari, Mi hanno cercato, 2006, galleria Il Ponte, Firenze_1
Giuseppe Chiari, Mi hanno cercato, 2006, galleria Il Ponte, Firenze_2
Giuseppe Chiari, Musica classica, (2006), galleria Il Ponte, Firenze
Giuseppe Chiari, Il pubblico non è sotto controllo, (2000), galleria Il Ponte, Firenze
Giuseppe Chiari, Il terzo escluso è il tempo, (2000), galleria Il Ponte, Firenze
Mi hanno cercato Catalogs
4 march – 6 may 2006

The Galleria Il Ponte continues its season with an exhibition dedicated to Giuseppe Chiari to mark the artist’s eightieth birthday.
Giuseppe Chiari is one of the leading names associated first with Fluxus and later with Conceptual and Performance Art.  From a background of different disciplines, he has established new theoretical and practical standpoints in relation to art.  His approach to art has always been irreverent, his behaviour alternative, walking the tightrope between to do or not to do, to say or not to say, while continually challenging the limits of language.
The exhibition is orchestrated to allow the artist’s work to create the scene, through material (musical scores, photos, writing) saved from the beginning of the seventies up to the present. Here is to be found, or lost, in one momentous movement, within his celebrated statements, the underlying theme of the last forty years of Conceptual Art.
The mise-en-scène is neither retrospective nor didactic; rather it is a unitary work composed of numerous elements, and it ends with a piece on the pianoforte, that musical instrument par excellence and emblem of conformist sound with which Chiari has a love-hate relationship, bestowing on it equal measures of ridicule and praise.